Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important component of any business. An effective CSR strategy provides businesses with a competitive advantage and improves employee recruitment and retention. However, many business leaders do not have the time or experience to establish a clear CSR strategy that corresponds with their company’s vision.
SVG provides consulting services for corporations operating in China so that they can maximize the impact of their CSR initiatives. Whether there is already a CSR infrastructure in place or whether CSR strategy needs to be tailor-developed, SVG offers its expertise in not only CSR development but also independent research, due diligence reporting, and a large database of NGOs in China.


  • AWARENESS EVENTS: CSR awareness training events for corporations to expose and awaken their managers and employees to greater participation in China’s social sector.
  • CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY CONSULTING: We encourage and support companies to give to China’s grassroots NPOs. We offer strategy development, project sourcing, due diligence, and evaluation and monitoring, leveraging our proprietary database and global tools that we have adapted for China.
  • EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEER ENGAGEMENT SERVICES: We start with a visioning session with leadership to understand your company’s business model values and CSR philosophy. We design and execute customized programs working with local grassroots NPOs. We also provide an evaluation report incorporating participant beneficiary and independent feedback.
  • TURNKEY CSR: For companies just starting to think more strategically about CSR, we offer an easy way to get started. Our basic turnkey CSR program includes employee volunteer events, donation in-kind, and corporate philanthropy programs. Working with your HR and PR departments, we design and manage a year- round CSR calendar for you, improving employee morale and serving your local community.
  • THIRD PARTY RESEARCH DUE DILIGENCE & EVALUATION: We help you with grant transparency and NGO accountability by conducting research, due diligence and evaluation to maximize the effectiveness of your charitable donation.
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