• Publish developments in the social sector through top global mass media outlets
  • Participate in government-led conferences
  • Organize events that raise awareness for philanthropy and nonprofits in China
  • Complete field research and reporting on china’s social sector
  • Host advocacy events to raise funds and awareness for various nonprofit


  • Comprehensive Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Solutions for leading Chinese firms and  multi-nationals with a presence in China.
    • Full CSR report blending industry outlook with company’s competitive advantage to a personally tailored CSR strategy.
    • Regular educational events, seminars and networking opportunities to engage leaders in the social and private sectors.
    • Consulting services multiply the impact of a company’s CSR strategy.
  • Grant-making: International best practices in strategy, due diligence and reporting
  • Partner search: NGO database and independent research on China’s philanthropic landscape

Due Diligence & Project Reporting:

  • Our bilingual staff identifies high impact grassroots nonprofits and social enterprises, performs onsite evaluations, interviews staff and beneficiaries.
  • We also assess each organization’s financial statements, followed by a comprehensive report detailing the organization’s background, project details and funding risks. Our assessment, donation management and follow-up processes have guided the management of donations to over 70 grassroots NGOs.


  • SVG keeps a regular pulse on China’s social sector with the goal of creating a healthier, more effective and innovative social sector. We do this through:
    • Lectures, seminars and forums to create a public dialog about and with NGOs
    • NGO capacity building for long-term sustainability, though we remain donor driven
    • Research including formal reports and a globally recognized blog detailing current trends in Chinese philanthropy.